Who we are

The Observatori DESCA (ESCR Observatory) is a human rights centre that concentrates its efforts on dismantling the devalued perception of Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights (ESCR) -right to housing, to work, to education, to health, to food, to a safe environment- in relation to other rights such as Civil and Political Rights and patrimonial rights. To this end, the Observatori DESC combines political advocacy with research, consultancy, and the organization of courses and conferences and strategic litigation. Thus, research and publications are promoted, seminars and trainings are organized and popular demands and struggles are accompanied. All this without losing sight of the importance of local and global networking and participation in social campaigns.

Transparency Web

Assembly of members

The following persons and organisations are members of the Observatori DESC:
Members: Amnesty International (observers), Centre de Drets Humans Irídia, Comissions Obreres de Catalunya, Dones juristes, Grup Antropologia Jurídica de la Universitat de Barcelona, Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya, Intersindical Alternativa de Catalunya; Martí Batllori, Gonzalo Boyé, Isabel Elbal and Raquel Rodríguez.

Board of Directors

President: Marco Aparicio, Professor de Dret Constitucional de la Universitat de Girona (UdG).

Secretary: Raul Marquez.
Vocals: Natalia Caicedo, David Casassas, Eva Fernandez, Juanma Pericàs, Guiomar Rovira and Irene Sabaté.


The technical team of the observatory is made up of the following people: