Urban Co-Production of Social Rights and Public Welfare

Col·laborem en el simposi sobre co-producció de drets socials del projecte "KoopWohl" de la Universitat de Stuttgart i la Universitat de Weimar

In context of multiple crises and increasing inequality, new alliances emerge that stand for the defense and expansion of social rights. Civil society initiatives and progressive state actors engage in a constructive tension in order to negotiate, rethink and experiment more just understandings of collective welfare.
The research KoopWohl analyzes such cooperation processes within three policy fields –housing, immigration, and environmental justice – in Germany. With the aim to learn from each other and to exchange experiences, actors from Germany engaged in such cooperations are visiting Barcelona and invite you to discuss coproduction practices.

15.30 h Welcome

Clara Herrmann, Mayor of the district Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin
Presentation Research Project KoopWohl
Laura Calbet, University of Stuttgart

15.45 h –
16.30 h

Coproduction in the field of food & environmental justice
Moderation: Susanna Raab
Julia Scherer, Coordinator for development policy in the district of
Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg in Berlin
Lisa Haarhof, Food Policy Council (Ernährungsrat Berlin)
Discussant: Elena Domene Gómez, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (tbc)

16.30 h –
17.15 h

Coproduction in the field of housing & planning
Moderation: Aya Kleine

Alexander Matthes, Planning and Facility Management Friedrichshain-
Kreuzberg, Berlin

Sarah Strandt, Plattform Rathausblock
Discussant: Irene Escorihuela, Observatori DESC

17.15 h Break
17.45 h –
18.30 h

Coproduction in the field of migration & health
Moderation: Theresa Zanders
Carola Wlodarski-Simsek, Anonymous Health Pass
Tona Lizana, Head of Equity and Gender at Health Promotion Unit / Health
Agency of Catalonia
Davide Malmusi, Director of Health Services, City Council of Barcelona

18.30 h –
20.00 h

Round Table – Coproduction & Commons, Discussion
Marco Aparicio, Observatori DESC
Marc Pradel, University of Barcelona
Lisa Vollmer, University of Weimar
Laura Calbet, University of Stuttgart

Free admission. No prior registration required.



Jueves, 16 Junio, 2022 - 15:30

University of Barcelona, Department of Sociology
Av. Diagonal 690-696, Room: 1024