The United Nations Human Rights Council recognizes the human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment

Finally, the time has come! After decades of demands from civil society and Indigenous Peoples ’organizations, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution to recognize the right to a healthy and sustainable environment. Although we are going very, very late, we celebrate that Environmental Rights are gaining more and more weight in the collective consciousness!

We are very happy to announce that: the Human Rights Council has adopted the resolution recognizing our human right to a healthy environment!

This recognition means more accountability on the part of governments to ensure that we live in a world with a safe environment, a stable climate free of toxins, clean air, safe access to water and sanitation, healthy and sustainable food. and with a thriving biodiversity and ecosystems.

This is an incredible success that has been made possible by your unconditional support. Thank you for your unattainable effort: from gathering nearly 1,350 endorsements in over 75 countries for our global call to sharing over 4,300 messages online to call for a healthy environment for all #HealthyEnvironmentForAll.



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