Who we are

The Observatory of ESCR (Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights) is a group of individuals and organizations created in 1998 with the objective to show that civil and politic rights- freedom of speech, the right to life, to vote etc.- are not the only fundamental rights, but that economic, social, cultural, environment rights- the right to housing, work, education, health, food- are just as fundamental.

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The Observatory focuses its efforts on overcoming the devalued perception of social rights - the right to adequate housing, to work, to education, to health, to food, etc. - in relation to other rights considered more fundamental like civil and political rights.

To this end, the Observatory combines advocacy with research and training. The Observatory promotes investigations, sets up courses and debates and gives its support to demands and civil society’s struggles. All this, without losing sight of the importance of networking and participation in global campaigns.

The main objective of the Observatory is to promote a comprehensive vision of human rights that recognizes that all rights - civil, political, social, cultural and environmental - are fundamental rights of every human being.

This comprehensive approach involves making these rights fully enforceable and promoting adequate instruments that address basic needs and empower the rights-holders.

The following individuals and organizations are members of the Observatory ESCR:

Board of Directors:

- Jordi Borja, President, urban geographer, responsible for the Area of City Management and Urban Planning for the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia)
- Irene Escorihuela, Management


- Asociación Catalana de Profesionales por la Cooperación (ACPC) (Catalan Association of Professionals for Cooperation)
- Asociación Catalana de Juristas Demócratas (Catalan Association of Democratic Lawyers)
- Fundación Comaposada-UGT de Cataluña (Josep Comaposada Foundation of the General Workers Union of Catalonia)
- Juristas sin Fronteras (Lawyers Without Borders)
- Asociación Catalana de Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (Catalan Association for the Defense of Human Rights)
- Fundación Paz y Solidaridad -CCOO de Cataluña; Instituto de Derechos Humanos de Catalunya y Dones Juristes (Peace and Solidarity Foundation-CCOO of Catalonia Human Rights Institute of Catalonia and Gifts Juristes)

Observer: Amnesty International – Catalonia

Catalonia: networking, participation in campaigns, political advocacy and training.
Latin America: through international cooperation projects, mainly in the Andean region.
International: through influencing UN involvement in networks and campaigns.