Housing and City

8 February, 2018
  • They denounce the inadequate and insufficient response of the Spanish government to the recommendations issued by the UN Committee of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which condemned Spain for violating the right to housing in the case of a family with young children (one and three-year-old).
  • After being evicted, they had to live in a car for ten days due to lack of resources.
13 December, 2017

Last June, the ESCR Committee of the United Nations, the body in charge of overseeing the fulfillment of economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR), issued a decision stating that Spain had violated the right to housing in a case of tenants' eviction. In its recommendations, the Committee urged Spain to:

25 October, 2016

The Observatori DESC (ESCR Observatory) and the Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH, Platform of people Affected by Mortgages) present a new report focusing on the infringement of the right to housing in the local world.

23 September, 2016

Yesterday, on 22nd September, thousands of renters and activists in the United States took to the streets to join the National Renters’ Day of Action (#RentersDayofAction). Through demonstrations, marches and other kinds of actions in nearly 50 cities across the country, citizens declared a Renter State of Emergency. What is meant here is a state in which the number of evictions reached unacceptable dimensions, whereas rents and utility costs are rapidly and constantly rising.

22 September, 2016

Yesterday we participated in the event organized by Badalona City Council to explain its participation in the Habitat III process and its cooperation with other outlying cities such as Saint Denis.

16 September, 2016

During this week – the week before the elections of the Berlin state parliament on 18 September 2016 – there will be even three events taking place on the subject of livable and sustainable cities.

2 August, 2016

On 20 and 21 June 2016 Observatory DESC held a workshop to which Irish and Croatian activists and lawyers were invited. The aim was to present in which ways the DESC as a human rights center and the PAH as a social movement, both working in the field of housing rights, interact.

15 June, 2016

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, Leilani Farha, has conducted a non-official visit to Barcelona on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 June, 2016. During her stay she has participated in several events and initiatives organized by the Observatory DESC along with other organizations.

10 June, 2016

The report published on 18th May, 2016 is the result of a research study carried out since January 2014 with the support of national experts for each EU Member State. It was conducted in the realm of the ‘Promoting protection of the right to housing - Homelessness prevention in the context of evictions’ pilot project.