Exigibility of ESCR

Human rights violations are primarily due to power inequalities within a society. However, ensuring that social rights are available to all people also requires dismantling the idea that social rights are less fundamental then civil and political rights.
To strengthen the perception of social rights as fundamental rights, the Observatori DESC supports the aim of making them enforceable in any court or tribunal. Likewise, it promotes the need for more and stronger guarantees on access to labor, health, education, housing and food.

8 February, 2018
  • They denounce the inadequate and insufficient response of the Spanish government to the recommendations issued by the UN Committee of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which condemned Spain for violating the right to housing in the case of a family with young children (one and three-year-old).
  • After being evicted, they had to live in a car for ten days due to lack of resources.
13 December, 2017

Last June, the ESCR Committee of the United Nations, the body in charge of overseeing the fulfillment of economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR), issued a decision stating that Spain had violated the right to housing in a case of tenants' eviction. In its recommendations, the Committee urged Spain to:

5 July, 2016

Together with several social organizations, the Observatory DESC organized a debate on Monday, July 4 in order to present the latest report by Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, UN Independent Expert on human rights and debt, which had been visiting Barcelona.